Le Mont-Saint-Michel

How we loved to see Le Mont-Saint-Michel! We had been dreaming for years about it and finally our dream came true.

Tourist attraction Normandy; island France; abbey France
You can spot Le Mont-Saint-Michel from afar

The island was from a distance already very impressive. It’s magical, like a fairy tale.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel; abbey Normandy; island France; church France
The road to the island

From the parking lot you can take the bus to the island, but you can also go by a carriage. You can walk the bridge, but the true adventurer of course walks the flats. We took the bus.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel; rotseiland Frankrijk; kerk Normandie; eiland Normandie
Le Mont-Saint-Michel seen from the bus

Many many tourists visit the island, which is perfectly understandable.

Toeristen Le Mont-Saint-Michel; ingang Le Mont-Saint-Michel; poort Le Mont-Saint-Michel
We were there in September, imagine how busy it is during the summer

On your way to the top you pass houses, hotels, shops, restaurants, churches and museums. Yes, there are people living there too.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel; abdij; Normandie; huizen Le Mont-Saint-Michel Huis Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Huis Le Mont-Saint-Michel; Normandie

The climb is hard. The steps were endless, but it was all worth it in the end.

Trappen Le Mont-Saint-Michel; Normandie; eiland Frankrijk Trappen Le Mont-Saint-Michel; Normandie; eiland Frankrijk; abdij

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, but everything was so special and beautiful, that it didn’t really matter.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel; kerk Le Mont-Saint-Michel; abdij Normandie; eiland Frankrijk
Here you can still see some clouds, but a little later the sky was grey

In the abbey we were caught up in a stream of people. We saw the abbey gardens, the convent, and so much more. It was all very impressive.

Kapel Le Mont-Saint-Michel; eiland Normandie; abdij Frankrijk Kamer Le Mont-Saint-Michel; eiland Normandie; abdij Frankrijk

Zuilengang Le Mont-Saint-Michel; kerk Frankrijk; eiland Normandie Oud gedeelte Le Mont-Saint-Michel; eiland Normandie; abdij Frankrijk

Kloostertuin Le Mont-Saint-Michel; eiland Normandie; abdij Frankrijk
The abbey gardens

Somewhere in the middle we saw a tredmill. Attached to it is a very strong chain. The monks used it to haul stuff up on the chain, so they didn’t have to walk the steps. Of course they did have to walk the treadmill, but there you go.

Tredmill Le Mont-Saint-Michel Lift Le Mont-Saint-Michel; tredmill Le Mont-Saint-Michel

From Le Mont-Saint-Michel the views are fantastic. The flats are in plain sight.

View from Le Mont-Saint-Michel; the flats around Le Mont-Saint-Michel
The road to the island is seen on the left
view from Le Mont-Saint-Michel; stairs Le Mont-Saint-Michel; abbey France; island Normandy
Here you can also see one of the stairs. People get unwell all the time climbing them

On top of the highest tower is a statue of Saint-Michel, but inside you encounter him too.

Tower Le Mont-Saint-Michel; island Normandy; abbey France
Right on top the saint is sparkling away. If you can get a very close look
Le Mont-Saint-Michel; Saint-Michel; eiland Normandie; abdij Frankrijk
And here he is again

We took a whole lot of pictures, which you can see on our special page for Le Mont-Saint-Michel. Hopefully you get inspired by it and see why we are so enarmoured by this stunning island.

Zuilengang Le Mont-Saint-Michel; eiland Frankrijk; abdij Normandie

Would you like to go there too? Look on this site for more information.

Hunaudaye Castle

In 2015 Frans and I went on holiday together for the first time. Brittany appealed to us, not only because of the rough coastline, but also because of the monoliths, for instance near Carnac.


Not to mention Le Mont Saint-Michel, although that of course is technically speaking in Normandy.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

We had a beautiful holiday home, from Dutch owners, with a conservatory that provided us with a gorgeous view. We loved to eat our breakfast and our diner there.

Brittany holiday; cottage holiday

After a long journey we arrived in Brittany on a Saturday, and after we looked around in the cottage, and had diner, we decided that on Sunday we would explore the neighbourhood.

So the next day off we went. We were just driving along and suddenly we saw a sign for a castle: Chateau Hunaudaye. Wow, a castle, we love them! Not only was it a castle, it was also a ruin. That was great, because we also love ruins! On our way to the entrance we saw that it was quite a big castle. It looked fantastic.

Hunaudaye Castle; Castle Brittany

Hunaudaye Castle; castle Brittany

A woman was sitting at a table near the entrance. So we went to buy tickets. And what do you know? It was European Herritage Days, and we didn’t have to pay. We were thrilled.

Hunaudaye Castle; entrance gate castle; castle Brittany

The ruin was very impressive. We were so lucky to spot the sign.

Hunaudaye Castle; castle Brittany Hunaudaye Castle; kasteel Bretagne

Hunaudaye; wc Hunaudaye
They also have a toilet in the castle, thank goodness it’s a modern one!

Kasteel Hunaudaye; kasteel Bretagne

On the ground there were still some remains from the kitchen, arches, and everywhere were lovely views.

Kasteel Hunaudaye; kasteel Bretagne; raam kasteel Kasteel Hunaudaye; kasteel Bretagne; runen op boog

There were a number of towers still standing en we went inside most of them. One of the towers had a very modern spiral staircase. I liked it!

Kasteel Hunaudaye; toren kasteel; kasteel Bretagne Hunaudaye trap; kasteel Bretagne

Kasteel Hunaudaye; kasteel Bretagne; wenteltrap kasteel Kasteel Hunaudaye; kasteel Bretagne; toren kasteel

The views from the tops were breath taking.

Kasteel Hunaudaye; kasteelruine; kasteel Bretagne

Kasteel Hunaudaye; kasteelruine; kasteel Bretagne

Some of the rooms in the towers will still intact. And there were some small exhibitions everywere inside. That we didn’t love so much, but we managed to take pictures around them.

Kasteel Hunaudaye; kasteel Bretagne; toren kasteel Kasteel Hunaudaye; kasteel Bretagne; kasteelruine

Kassteel Hunaudaye; kasteel Bretagne Kasteel Hunaudaye; kasteel Bretagne; kamer kasteelruine

Want to see more pictures of the castle? Go to https://historisch.bdgpics.nl/Hunaudaye/

The castle also has a website: http://www.la-hunaudaye.com/. The site is in French and in English.


Photoshoot Team Pi Herculis

We love doing photoshoots! A couple of months ago we had one with Team Pi Herculis.

The heroic Team Pi Herculis

This team consists of three brave people who are going to participate in The Barrel Challenge Winter edition 2018. For five days they will drive through mountains, snow and on steep roads. They will start in The Netherlands, and go to Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia (the Julian Alps) and finish in Austria. A great adventure, and we are looking forward to their stories and pictures! They leave on the 28th of January and you can see on their site where they are.

The barrel

We had a couple of nice places in mind for the shoot, but unfortunately the weather was a disaster, so we had to go look for a more sheltered spot. We were all frozen after shooting, so it wasn’t really very sheltered, but it was worth it.

Update: Team Pi Herculis is back, and they had a wonderful time! So much so, that they are going again next year, but this time to Scandinavia. Pictures of their adventure are on their site.

The theme for their barrel was space

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magnolia; bloeiende bloesem

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Le Mont-Saint-Michel

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